Current maintainer: Robert Wyrick

Table of Contents

What is it?

dot-mode.el is a minor mode for GNU Emacs / XEmacs that emulates the '.' command in vi. The original version was written in 1995 by James Gillespie. I took over maintenance in 2000 and did a much needed update to code portability and also added some nice features. Much of the code was re-written, but the original design was sound and remains intact. It is distributed under the GNU General Public License.

Why was it written?

For those of you not in the know, the '.' command in vi simply repeats the last edit made. In my experience, this is/has been the biggest feature that vi users claim they just can't live without. After having developed this feature for emacs, I'd have to say I agree with them.

dot-mode.el was written so that vi users no longer have an excuse for not switching to an emacs variant. Emacs is, of course, superior in every other way... ;)




The source is hosted on github. Installation instructions are at the top of the file. I highly suggest you read all the comments at the top of the file so that you fully understand all of dot-mode's features. I do ask that if you add any features or fix any bugs that you e-mail me your changes. If you find any bugs, send them to me along with information about what version of emacs you are using.